This page is about the Bitbox1, a previous version of the Bitbox, never publically released.

It is published here for historical reasons. Also, a rev1 branch on the github stores code for this release.

Revision 1

Rev1 bitbox hardware was the first iteration of the Bitbox. It was quite similar to rev2.
- STM32F405RGT6 64pins, 1MB Flash, 192kRAM
- VGA out + 12bits DAC (resistor-based) = 4096 colors
- output resolution is not set (depend on driving software, current driver is 640x480 pixels)
- microSD card reader
- top is a mini-din (aka ps2) connector to connect either a keyboard (not tested) or a SNES controller (tested) ! (snes connectors are big, difficult to find, incompatible with anything. Easier to rip the male connector and replace it with mini din!)
- mini usb on the right (used for power as well as possible USB connexion)
- mini jack out with lowpass filtering from stm32 DAC (12bit, mono)
- SWD connector (debug / programming)
- power LED+  extra LED on a GPIO pin (debug, tests)
- serial ports output just in case.

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