Getting a Bitbox

Bitbox rev2 can be ordered for those who would like one ! (on a basis of first come, first served)
Current price is 40€ for a assembled & tested board (+ shipping, est. 5€), payable by Paypal.

Pen or table not included

If you want to :
  • learn, code and make games or demos, programs or console emulators
  • learn, code or port kernel-related (it's actually simple) code, devices or bootloaders 
  • learn, code libraries or engines
  • port languages, improve bootloader
  • design extension boards & fun stuff around UEXT 
  • and ... maybe ... play games ...

You'll need as well (not provided) :
  • a micro USB cable for power (or maybe DFU boot loader replace)
  • a microSD card
  • USB Keyboard, mouse or Gamepad
  • VGA screen (+ jack line out for sound, not amplified)

For on-chip debugging, a STM32Discovery (any) with stlink or any other SWD capable interface is highly recommended.

Please send me an email at to get one or if you have questions !

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