Wednesday, September 25, 2013

bitbox updates

The Jump game has made progress : coins to collect (and lure you into places where you shouldn't go >:-D ), sounds (not very happy with some of them but it's working) and extra score handling. Game begins to be interesting. Now, level design !

I've also found that the USB port I've used is not the one that is used by the bootloader (duh). So, no upload by dfu for this one unless some fine soldering is done ...

I started to think about bitbox rev2 : getting rid of the bulky minidin to replace it with USB OTG (I've still to figure out if a kernel can work with it sufficiently reliably), getting stereo sound, 15bits colors(?), a proper GPU.

OTG would be huge for using normal keyboards, mice, controllers, (maybe even MIDI) but also less standard controllers.

I'm also preparing a tutorial on making a simple game and, of course thinking about many games that could be done ...

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