Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quick News

Although there hasn't been many news, development has been continuing behind the scene.

- hardware revision 2 is done, prototypes are being manufactured (Parts are received, PCB are being done, which has proven much longer than expected ! )

- much work has been done on a new bootloader system for rev2, a kernel for rev2 (using standard USB gamepads from STM32f4)

- jumper game has improved
- a new game of Firemen is introduced

 - a Gameboy emulator is underway ! Note that the machine must play on 192kB of RAM which needs heavy axing of memory usage on porting existing programs!
- some research was done to implement video streaming from uSD _without a framebuffer_ This implies that each frame has to be decoded 60times per second and that you cannot do interframe compression. Some results have been started
- then engine described in a preceding blogpost has seen a first implementation in C (see github repo, branch for rev2)

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