Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Game : Boulder Dash clone

Why, yes a clone of boulder dash was one of the simple games I wanted to implement.

It's not completely finished (missing new sounds, levels, and ennemies), but the main elements are here in their 640x480 glory, inc. sound&music, basic gameplay, intro screen

Here is the repository (including a binary release for eager testers :)

Everything in the game is tile-based, and the whole game data is in fact just a uint8_t[] array of tile references, with its small finite state machine. The main and only .c file is 380 lines- not that I am so proud of it, it grew quite organically, but eh : now is better than never.

Demo (click on it to see fullscreen)

1 comment:

  1. This is great ! Thanks for that!
    Just a small comment: you have to run make twice as the first time fails (dependency order issue I guess, tset and tmap files are not created in time during the first pass). Also I guess those files should be outputed in build/ as they are generated (and clean does not clean them :) )