Thursday, April 21, 2016

Micromo : a Thomson MO5 emulator !

Hi all, I made a port of the dcmo5 emulator for the bitbox micro.
The MO5 was a famous (in France, completely unknown everywhere else) computer, not so bad after all, and on par with a Spectrum. 

Its specs : 
  • 320x200 fixed palette 16-colors (16k RAM) with 2 colors by row of 8 pixels
  • CPU : a motorola 6809E @ 1MHz
  • 48kB of RAM / 16kB of ROM
This first version can run Basic, load programs from cassette (embedded on the binary), use a keyboard. It can play some games and runs on Bitbox (should run on micro also). It's a first release, missing selecting cassettes from the (existing) menu, gamepad support or sound.

Thanks a lot to Pulkomandy who is a real MO5 programmer - lots of cool stuff about those micros and democoding on these old clunkers on his site:

shinra demo
my (much better) demo.

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