Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bdash updated

Boulder Dash was one of the first games to arrive on the Bitbox, but wasn't really advanced enough. I took some time and it's now getting some attention. A new release has been done, with some new features:

  • using chiptracker and not sound samples (reducing the game size greatly) ! The original soundtrack was provided nicely by Pulkomandy
  • levels ! at last there are more than one level !  now the 1st boulder dash games are available, from a levels.h file describing levels with const strings.
  • butterflies  / fireflies : those deadly enemies are now available to kill you. Implementing those were a little tricky since the game was purely tile based (i.e. the whole game state was an array with tile indices) , and the animals need a direction state, I now have a "sprite in tiles" system.
  • last level restart : up to now you had basically one life.  (which was very annoying). Now, you restart at the last level you started on. Which means you have basically infinite lives. 
  • many small fixes

WIP (non available but shall be available some time)

  • proper lives 
  • title screens with a little text. This will need a smaller tilemap which will share the tileset and vram of the existing one.
  • cool transition effects
  • amoeba & magic wall ! 
  • score / highscore
See it here :

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