Friday, February 14, 2014

Devices API design

Revision 1 API

the preceding API for gamepads on rev1 was very simple : in fact it was only a halfword (!), representing the bits of each button on the SNES gamepad. This was simple, convenient and closest to the hardware.

Now with the different class of devices that can be used and the fact the USB HID is used, I think we will need to have a different API.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Blinking Happily

Hi ! Just wanted to share this : the first prototypes of Bitbox rev2 PCBs have arrived (at last !)
So I couldn't resist building one and writing / uploading (using SWD) a very quick test program : it ... blinks ! (meaning I didn't screw up the MCU soldering it :)

Thanks to Marcus for his help on this release !

I'm not dead !
This rev2 will add : 32k colors, stereo sound, USB gamepad connectivity, UEXT expansion ports ...

(edit) Just a small update : VGA gen has been tested OK, SDIO flies at more than 6MB/s on the right conditions, sound is OK (with a small update)  and USB works ! All this needs to be upgraded in a whole new kernel, but independently all reporting OK !