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Software Development




  • 2048 
The well known 2048 game ported on the bitbox.

  • Fire

A "HD" port to the bitbox of the Fire ! Nintendo game&watch game
Some tutorials about its development are available.
Not using the engine, maybe a simpler rewrite is due ?

  • Crappy bird 
a very crappy clone of flappy bird, for demonstration purposes - smallest kernel, no data files, smallest game, only one button play, very crude display : what's not to love ?
  • Jump !
this was one of the first games, you're playing a guy jumping higher and higher, which should not fall ! Still a WIP.


  • Video player
A movie player which allows playing its own format fullscreen from SD (slow transcoder available) source, blog post
  • MOD player

A .mod player for the bitbox ! plays directly from SD card.

by: initial embedded player by serveurperso, adaptation by makapuf
source :
demo / info  :

  • Beat Blocks
a graphical rhythm box for the bit box !
See description here

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  1. Good developments, especially cool are the emulators. Perhaps BitBox could have forums?