Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First bitbox simple game preview : Jump ! (video)

I programmed a simple, very bare tile/sprite engine+game to test everything : JUMP !

Screenshots from the emulator

The game is a very simple vertical scrolling platformer where you only control left/right and die if you touch the base of the screen. Different platforms types make you jump higher, ... and there are other types :)

Debugging using gdb on the board itself is possible through SWD (the kernel giving you some perf data stats), but for game devel, I also developed a simple SDL-based emulator of the kernel for on-computer tests. Of course it's certainly not accurate but it can be useful for graphics and gameplay-related tuning.

Now, the game is playable - although still very rough - level needs a bit of work, there is no sound (edit : yes there is now !) , imperfect collisions, need to add some bonus, maybe particles, ...- but stays enjoyable nonetheless.

 Sample screenshots from the game, and a video (no sound).

bitbox first game prototype ! from mak apuf on Vimeo.

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