Wednesday, June 4, 2014

rev2 Bitboxes available ! (how to get your gamepad supported)

I dunno if you've seen it, but the Bitbox is now available to buy (look at "get Bitbox" on the blog top banner).

Since people have already ordered a Bitbox, they will need their USB game pad to work. Here is how your device can be supported on the Bitbox. As I cannot buy every gamepad on earth, I will rely on you to provide information to me so that I can add the various gamepads to the firmware.

The process is the following :
  • you open a ticket case on the github account, stating a "nice to have" support for joystick XYZ
  • you include your model name, VID, PID and USB report descriptor attachments. To get them under linux, you can use the following method: please leave a comment if you would like a windows tutorial.
  • I add the right values in the firmware to be able to support it
  • You test it with your gamepad (using the kernel test application by example) and report if it is ok.
  • I can close the ticket !
Please comment here or on the mailing list if you have any trouble !

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  1. This is very exciting. I think this project has great potential, even beyond making arcade games. I am especially impressed with the SD card bootloader work. Keep it up! I just ordered two!