Friday, October 3, 2014

Beat Blocks beats hit Bitbox !

New program ! A Beat Box project on the Bitbox. Used to make rhythms with drums samples, you know.

It sports 8 tracks with two possible instruments on each of them (16 different instruments max), looped on a 16 beats track.

It is controlled by a USB gamepad or a keyboard, and can be used live (ie changing patterns or editing them)

It works by playing and modifying patterns on a mod file on the SD card (samples can be bigger than the bitbox memory), so you can create drumkits quite easily with a Tracker and play/modify it on the bitbox.

Of course, it's free and open sourced ! See sources and graphics on GitHub

Characteristics :
  • MOD file based (a drumkit and its patterns is actually a .MOD file which can be user modified on the PC easily by putting a MOD file on a microSD.)
  • 8 tracks
  • 16 instruments (2 per track)
  • 99 drumkits
  • 99 patterns per drumkit
  • you can change pattern and drumkit on the bitbox with the gamepad
  • samples are not limited by the memory of the bitbox
  • operated by gamepad or keyboard - external controllers can be used also ! Who's got a bongo controller ?
  • undo, copy/paste/clear pattern available
  • MOD file / drumkits samples can be prepared on a PC with a tracker such a milky tracker, fast tracker or OpenMPT by example) and can be played by VLC, winamp or many existing players as is.

Enjoy !

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