Thursday, December 18, 2014

Recent commits : a month in bitbox

Hi all !

Here are some news about the recent commits of the bitbox engines, kernels and other bits since last month. You can look at the git history to find them

- graph_frame and graph_lines names are used in API (to be able to disconnect graph_frame, which is hard realtime, and game_frame, which is not)
- simple modes have been added : those are text and graphical modes based on framebuffers.
- USB HID devices (gamepads) are now parsed so there is fewer need to include gamepads in kernel, some might often even work as is.
- A simple sound mode with samples, and its accompanying small sample demo program .
- A new dedicated app to test USB devices (by pulkomandy)
- Emulator has better device input and can work with gamepads, keyboards
- A beam racer outrunnesque game has been started (by pulkomandy) !
- 320x200 and 400x300 kernel mode have been added which leave much more CPU time
- sawteeh audio player has been introduced, but has been temporarily removed while working on implementation issues
- a chiptune player has been added. Its engine will be merged into main library as a in parallel with the sampler sound engine.
- color simple textmodes have been added
- a Boulder Dash remake has been introduced
- support for RLE encoded sprites in sprite engine (as well as a small change in API)
- small improvements & bugfixes

.. and that's it !

Here is a screenshot from the new color textmode :


  1. Emulator compiling has a problem.
    Link error message appears on console.

    1. It was a library version mismatch problem.
      Now there is no problem to compile an emulator.

  2. Ok but it will be difficult to help you without context. Can you give the error message ? (Btw the mailing list is a good way to get help.)

  3. Is it possible to port Bitbox on Circle of Raspberry Pi bare metal framework?
    Currently RPi hardware spec. has more capability than Bitbox.
    But Circle has few function than Bitbox currently.
    I think Bitbox software can take the good hardware spec of RPi without improvement of Bitbox hardware for the future.

  4. Well, I don't know since I have no experience of the API but it surely could be done given the more powerful (but a bit more closed) hardware.