Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy new year

Hi ! I wish you an happy new year, which will be hopefully a nice year for bitbox again.

I will be presenting past year at fosdem 2016 (again) and 2016 will hopefully be the year we issue many great new games.

Development hasn't stopped, however !
because on the contrary it was quite busy last months reorganizing the library and allowing the kernel and build system to adapt itself to a new target : the bitbox micro ! There is also a big patch waiting for inclusion with 15kHz modes for outputting signals to a Scart / Peritel RGB TV output !
See here :

As this is a wild new reorganization, we branched the development of a semi-stable branch named v0.8. You can develop games using this branch before we release the new, better streamlined branch.

The bitbox micro has been detailed in its own wiki page, feel free to give a look at it ! The idea is to have a smaller sister to the bitbox (which will roughly stay the same in the future, maybe modulo some small hardware updates, nothing too complex). It's a smaller platform, almost half a bitbox on ever count, including price. See more on :

Several games are still ongoing but most of the work now is on the kernel (more on the mailing list as usual)

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