Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Back from FOSDEM

I got back from the FOSDEM a week and but didn't have the time to write about : here are some small notes about it.

FOSDEM was quite again a formidable event with alsmost 600 presentations !

I've shown the bitbox and the bitbox micro (which I need to blog about a little) to a great audience and was able after that to demonstrate a few games, such as alter ego and ... dragon's lair ! (yes, I ported this horrendeous game on the bitbox :) -see screenshots on the presentation text itself, in fact the code is the FMV project on github, to which I shall add the binaries and the blender file / scripts that generated it.

There were also a few reports on twitter / blogs about it, and more importantly I was able to talk about it later to some real people who are interested about the project  !

Makery also did a article about the game track@fosdem (in french) : http://www.makery.info/2016/02/05/a-bruxelles-le-fosdem-joue-le-jeu-open-source-en-communaute/

Apart from that, many great talks about FPGAs, EDA and kicad, a game that people draw ( a kind of real-life single picture platformer project). how to design APIs for the linux kernel, great waffles and beer :), ability to test oculus rift and Arduboy and its online IDE (neat on the browser coding+flashing experience) and very interesting talk with people from the Embedded Linux world.

You'll find the slides of the presentation here, and this has given me a great boost and new ideas to work on bitbox projects (as if we were missing some)

Happy hacking and on to next year @fosdem, at which we thought about the idea of making a fosgame event (code a game in 24hours ?)


  1. Very nice! looking forward to the dragon's lair.

  2. That Tiny BitBox Nano is cute! I want two of them!
    Any chance to have BASIC on BitBox?
    MMBASCIC dot com? So people will be able to make their own games?

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