Sunday, March 6, 2016

Answer to preceding post ... ByteBeat

As you may have tried yourself, the tiny binaries produced by the preceding code create long tunes directly coded by a function of time !

So you basically have s=f(t) where s is the output sample, t the sample id and f a simple expression as the one I put on the title.

The thing is you can actually build quite complex song with it ! 

This technique has been called bytebeat and the main article describing it was made by someone named "viznut".

See the original article here or here

and and example with trippy visualizations :

I surely will include one or two of them in a test audio program on the sdk .. In the meantime here is the code :


  1. it'd be cool to have a interpreter to put things in like this...

  2. also, release the source code! (or link it here...)

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  4. that was a double post. looks great, thanks makapuf!

  5. are there any stereo algorithmic songs yet? :)

  6. I wonder if IBNIZ ( would run fast enough on the Bitbox to be useful...

  7. Thanks for example with trippy visualizations :) It seems to me that Mario and Sonic games had the similar music and graphics.